C.A.R.T. - Centre for Appropriate Rural Technology


Elalini means "in the village" in Xhosa. It is a preserve making business that takes organically grown produce from the garden to the bottle.

The idea was born from the local women’s desire to be involved with the centre’s work. They observed the work being done in the gardens, the range of foods being produced and the associated health benefits. The women initiated developing their own gardens but struggled to maintain them due to their perceived need to take on temporary jobs. This prompted discussion about developing a more sustainable form of income that allowed the women to continue work in their gardens and the benefits to their families of more nutritious diet.

The Elalini preserve making initiative provides value added skills and an income for the women from their initial starting point of the garden. Through this the women are developing a range of business skills. They are fostering a spirit of team work and an ability to recognise individual’s skills.

The whole process promotes holistic wellbeing which complements the objectives of CART.