C.A.R.T. - Centre for Appropriate Rural Technology

Water Cycle

The Eastern Cape has an average rainfall of 1300mm per year which provides more than enough water for self sustainability to be achieved. Unfortunately the majority of this water falls between September and May with very little in June, July and August.

Poor water management and dependence upon unreliable municipal supplies mean that only one crop per year is grown and all too often the community is forced to drink from contaminated rivers and Dams. CART aims to break the dependency on municipal drinking water and allow for year round planting using simple yet effective water management techniques.

The most important issue to be considered is rain water catchment. Some households do this using large plastic containers and guttering systems, however the materials required are expensive and only a small percentage of the rain fall can actually be harvested.

CART's vision is to have dams dug in several locations around the village, these dams are positioned so that water flows directly into them off the land. This captured water is used to irrigate the gardens or filtered for drinking using a slow sand filter. The entire water cycle is closed using a Bio-digester and grey water catchment.