C.A.R.T. - Centre for Appropriate Rural Technology

Nutrition Kitchen

The nutrition kitchen aims to follow on from the work done in the garden's – taking the produce and developing the communities skills in relation to nutrition and healthy living. The community is currently living on a staple diet relying on one main food type and risking malnutrition.

The center aims to promote an awareness of a nutritious balanced diet based on the idea that you are what you eat. Other skills enhanced within the kitchen include how to clean and prepare foods and storage of bulk produce via drying, preserving and smoking enabling people to self sustain through the seasons and maintain wellness through good nutrition.

The kitchen is also where our part as humans in the whole cycle in played out – we eat the food, which gives us energy, we use this energy to work in the gardens to produce more food, we excrete the waste matter in the toilets that in turn feeds the bio digester and produces the gas for cooking and water to water the garden and thus completing the cycle.