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18 January 2010 : C.A.R.T. Newsletter

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11 June 2009: Water crisis

Today marks the end of a two week period where Sicambeni village has received no municipal water.

The steps that we at C.A.R.T have followed so far:


We have been in contact with O.R.Tambo's water manager, Mr Eric Mzayiya through email.


We have spoken to Mr Poyo who is the one responsible for water management in the P.S.J area.


We have approached the clinic to propose placing a survey document related to water hygiene and sanitation, in the clinic for patients to fill out (thus creating awareness among them as well) which has been translated and placed in the clinic.


We have been working with the local J.S.S school in the area to promote education on water hygiene and sanitation.


We have done research on cholera and other water born diseases.


We have designed probable water filtration processes that are simple and applicable to rural life.


We have located the source of the village water supply and have concluded that it is in a poor state of maintenance.(presence of animal, rodent and human defecation.)


We have had a meeting with the villagers to highlight the need for water management. Only 30/40 percent of them were already taking such precautions.


We have requested the help of SABC to provide us with DVDs aimed at child education concerning water hygiene and sanitation.